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Marta Feuchtwanger picture with Effenberg at the party of the 30th Wedding anniversary of the proclamation of typically the Constitution A photo with Marta Feuchtwanger through the Sheldon’s together with a personal note 391222 Card from Cohen Family to Marta Feuchtwanger with pictures of a new born 391221

Photographs Early photo of Marta and Lion Feuchtwanger’s families; Marta and Lion Feuchtwanger until 1933 (Berlin house) 168371 additional communication with LF and modifications of the published communication list of correspondence 5 Oct. 8 letters (to and from) dated 18 March 1945 – seventeen Oct.

8 letters (to and from) dated 18 April 1950 – twenty-four Sept. 3 letters (to and from) dated 16 April 1941 – 23 April 1941 Agreements among LF and LM through 1941 and 1943 Contract with William Morris Company (with LM) 1943 Archiv 2 inscriptions by TM to LF from books in LF Collection (photocopy)

“I warn the Jew-Baiters” The Evening Standard (March 22, 1933) p. “What English Readers Want: Tangibility, Lucidity along with a Sense regarding Fact” T. P. is Weekly (17 Dec.

Marta Feuchtwanger’s eightyth birthday celebration at USC Close friends from the Library banquet 414005 Marta Feuchtwanger receives honorary doctorate at USC, together with Harold von Hofe, inclusive. photo album with photographs associated with Marta Feuchtwanger receiving a new honorary degree from USC 413981 Marta Feuchtwanger only and with Peter Buchholz and Angelika Voigt 391307 Photos and negatives associated with Marta Feuchtwanger for guide “Nur Eine Frau” 391303

An avid book collector, Feuchtwanger acquired the personal library reflecting his interests in several historical durations An outspoken enemy regarding the Nazis, Feuchtwanger gone into exile in The southern part of France in 1933 in addition to emigrated to the U . s . States

4 words (to and from) went out with 14 March 1947 – 18 August 1947 one article (missing 1/14/98) Address “Am Abend vorgestellt” 14 March 1980 photocopied notice to Brecht 1974 reprint of article (comments to be able to Joseph Roth) 1952 a couple of letters, 1 to LF, 1 to Hilda Waldo (no date) 2 papers and 1 postcard 6th letters (to and from) dated 23 Nov.

Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger in Nogales, Mexico on February 9, 1941. Kantorowicz, Alfred and better half (with dedication to Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger) 413897 Ship on which Lion Feuchtwanger came to the US (according to Skierka’s biography) 413745 Lion Feuchtwanger on tour to US: England (1930, 1932-33) – negatives 411798

5 characters (to and from) dated 23 June 1944 – 25 July 1954 20 letters (to and from) Hilde Waldo and other folks concerning possesions dated twenty-five Nov. papers copy of Geburstag Canon by Eisler for LF’s 60th a couple of letters from multiple folks including Zweig, Hanns plus Lou 6 letters (to and from) dated nineteen March 1948 – 87 March 1954 1 telegram dated 19.

The Transformation of Jewish Consciousness in Nazi Germany as Reflected inside the German Jewish Record Der Morgen, Exile in addition to Emigre: A History from the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library on the University of Southern California” by Teri Scott 433074 “Feuchtwanger to Lecture for Jewish Writers Club”, Legislation Daily Bulletin 431732 Huge Literary Legacy of the 1920’s is Perpetuated: Marta Feuchtwanger recreates husband’s works- Of detroit

4 letters (to in addition to from) dated 11 Summer 1956 – 20 Might 1958 7 letters (to and from) dated 15 May 1952 – 30 Dec. 24 letters (to and from) dated 20 May 1941 – 10 Nov. 23 letters (to and from) dated 21 March 1941 – twenty three August 1964 2 telegrams dated 26 Jul.

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Furthermore, the collection includes supplies on the establishment regarding the Feuchtwanger The papers also contain Feuchtwanger’s substantial collection of autograph words and the bookseller’s catalogs applied by Feuchtwanger and historical novels; manuscripts by some other writers such as Charles Chaplin’s manuscript for Limelight; communication with

44 letters (to and from) dated nine June 1958 – eleven Oct. 19 letters (to and from) dated thirteen March 1946 – 24 June 1950 17 photocopied letters 1956 (missing 1/14/98) 22 letters (to in addition to from) dated 12 March 1942 – 29 By. Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) began his literary career as a theater critic and turned his talent to writing plays in typically the Feuchtwanger, Lion “The operating problems of the article writer in Exile” 390942

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