gerd maudrich

Lactonizations regarding carboxylic acid-substituted 3-fluorodihydropyridines with electrophiles: peculiar behaviour regarding F(+). Concomitant formation regarding two different solvates of a hexa-host from a binary mixture of solvents. Striking reactivity of ylide-like germylene toward terminal alkynes: cycloaddition vs C-H bond activation. 1-phosphabarrelene complexes of palladium and their used in Suzuki-Miyaura joining reactions. First total synthesis of the whole series associated with the antiostatins A and B.

Syntheses, constructions, and properties of 6 cobalt(ii) complexes based on a tripodal tris(4-(1H-1, a couple of, 4-triazol-1-yl)phenyl)amine ligand. Group tough luck complexes of dipyridylmethane, a new forgotten ligand in coordination chemistry.

gerd maudrich

Hydrogencyanamido bridged multinuclear copper(ii) things: from strong antiferromagnetic couplings to weak ferromagnetic couplings. Erbium-formate frameworks templated by diammonium cations: syntheses, buildings, structural transition and permanent magnet properties. The impact of P-substituents on the constructions, spectroscopic properties, and reactivities of POCOP-type pincer things of nickel(ii). Syntheses, structures and properties of silver-organic frameworks constructed with 1, a couple of, 3, 4-benzenetetracarboxylic acid.

Ancillary ligand assisted self-assembly of dexterity architectures of Mn(II): the effect of the N-alkyl group on a tridentate ligand. Nickel(ii) complexes using a flexible piperazinyl moiety: studies on DNA and necessary protein binding and catecholase just like properties. Synthesis and anticancer activities of a new class of mono- and di-metallic Pt(ii)(salicylaldiminato)(DMSO or Picolino)Cl complexes. Anion complexation, transfer and structural studies regarding a group of bis-methylurea compounds.

Story ambient light induced trimerization of any simple copper(II) monomeric Schiff base complex. Framework and magnetism of a new pyrazolate bridged iron(II) spin crossover complex showing a single HS-HS to LS-LS transition. The part of temperature within the activity of hybrid inorganic-organic supplies: the example of cobalt succinates. Solid state buildings and photophysical properties regarding (trimethylsilyl)methyl-substituted anthracenes and pyrenes.


Diamidophosphines with six-membered chelates and their coordination chemistry with group 4 metals: development associated with a trimethylene-methane-tethered -type “molecular claw”. A mononuclear iron(ii) complex: cooperativity, kinetics plus activation energy of typically the solvent-dependent spin transition. The particular chemistry of parent phosphiranide in the coordination ball of tungsten. Protonation of nitriles: isolation and characterization of alkyl- and arylnitrilium ions.

N-Heterocyclic carbene stabilized adducts regarding alkyl magnesium amide, bisalkyl magnesium and Grignard reactants: trapping oligomeric organo s-block fragments with NHCs. Terphenyl substituted derivatives of manganese(II): distorted geometries and opposition to elimination. Novel cycloheptatrienyl zirconium complexes with tri-, tetra- and pentasubstituted cyclopentadienyl ligands. The role of weak hydrogen and halogen bonding interactions in the particular assembly of a series of Hg(ii) coordination polymers. From rational type of organometallic precursors to optimized activity of core/shell Ge/GeO2 nanoparticles.

Two alternative approaches to access mixed hydride-amido zinc complexes: synthetic, structural and solution implications. C-H in addition to H-H bond activation through ligand dearomatization/rearomatization of the PN( P-rhodium(i) complex. A nickel complex of a conjugated bis-dithiocarbazate Schiff base for your photocatalytic production of hydrogen.

Cyclic six-membered arrhes complexes derived from palladium mediated C-N coupling associated with organonitrile and formamidine. The stabilization of gallane in addition to indane by an engagement ring expanded carbene. A fresh class of luminescent Cu(i) complexes with tripodal ligands – TADF emitters for the yellow to reddish colored color range. Heterobimetallic metallation studies of N, N-dimethylphenylethylamine (DMPEA): benzylic C-H bond cleavage/dimethylamino capture or intact DMPEA complex. In search for new bonding modes regarding the methylenedithiolato ligand: book tri- and tetra-metallic groupings.

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gerd maudrich

Biphenyl derived Schiff-base vanadium(V) complexes with pendant OH-groups‒structure, characterization and hydrogen peroxide mediated sulfide oxygenation. Phosphine complexes of aluminium(iii) halides – preparation and structural and spectroscopic systematics. Program of three-coordinate copper(i) processes with halide ligands in organic light-emitting diodes of which exhibit delayed fluorescence. Solvent effects on the buildings and magnetic properties of two doubly interpenetrated metal-organic frameworks.

Versatile structures of group 13 metal halide complexes with 4, 4′-bipy: from 1D coordination polymers to 2D and THREE DIMENSIONAL metal-organic frameworks. New organic-inorganic hybrid compounds constructed from polyoxometalates and transition metal mixed-organic-ligand complexes. Synthesis and structural characterization of monomeric mercury(ii) selenolate complexes produced from 2-phenylbenzamide ligands. Activity and reactivity of Li and TaMe3 complexes supported by N, N’-bis(2, 6-diisopropylphenyl)-o-phenylenediamido ligands.

gerd maudrich

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