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Throughout its long history, spanning 26 generations, the household has always personally managed the business making innovative, sometimes courageous choices, always with unwavering respect for tradition and the land. That is demonstrated by the high awards and honours from national and international competitions. The effect is high quality and palatable wines of international standard.

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The country’s most widely grown grape variety, Malbec, has played a dominant role in winning worldwide acclaim for Argentina‘s wines. From CellarTracker: Argentina has been making wine because the 1500s, tracing its wine heritage back to Spain, France and, perhaps surprisingly, Italy. Until the end of the 20th century, virtually all Argentine wine was made for domestic consumption. Argentina From Argentina is one of the world’s biggest wine-producing countries by volume. The wine is aged in American oak for three years and kept in bottle for a further two before release. Arboleda (Aconcagua Valley, Chile) From Arboleda wines were born in 1999 within the shared dream that inspired Robert Mondavi and Eduardo Chadwick to understand the potential of Chile as a global class producer of fine wines.

Long Island Wine Region: Fact Sheet New York is the 3rd largest wine growing region in the us; Long Island is considered the premier region in hawaii for the production of vinifera wines. Long Island may be the youngest and fastest growing wine region in New York. $35,000 Presenting Sponsor ($10,000 corporate/$25,000 company bowler revenue) Exclusive naming rights to this year s event: Bowl for Kids Sake Presented by Your Company Name Prominent keeping company A marriage at the Elysium is the ultimate event; it’s the beginning of a new life using your partner.

Whether as an intimate twosome or in a group of friends, you can why don’t we spoil you with home-made cakes, palatinate cuisine, tapas and our fine Anselmann wines and sparkling wines. In the autumn you can also purchase apples, freshly cut table grapes, new wine and onion tart. Locals and friends of wine from everywhere can meet here to drink an average Pfälzer Schoppen or a glass of sparkling wine together.

ralf gerd anselmann

They are energetically supported by their wives Britta and Isabel Anselmann, as well as their highly motivated and long-serving employees. – The “Premium Select Wine Challenge” gold medal for Prowein 2010. Equally prestigious, the Eiswein created from Pinot Noir stock is a wine for laying down that has already won many prizes : * Brix (Anglo-Saxon countries) and Oechslé (Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg) degrees indicate the percentage of sugar within the wine.

2010 Federal Prize of Honour in Gold/ Wine Maker of the entire year 2010 This prize ist awarded for special achievement at the wine and sparkling wine competition of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture. 3.12.2010 At a Gala Evening the Weingut Werner Anselmann was awarded a 2010 State Prize of Honour of the State Government of Rhineland-Palatinate. We could answer you in English, French, Spanish not to mention German.

ralf gerd anselmann

From 1997 onwards Ralf Anselmann is appointed juror by way of a amount of international wine competitions. 1991-following Ralf Anselmann´s sucessful compltion of a qualification in agriculture at the University of Hohenheim, he became also managing director of the estate. In 1988 Gerd and his brother Ralf set up a seperate wine and sparkling wine company as a diversification to the estate already established.

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ralf gerd anselmann

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