Sulphur Isotope Analysis of Archaeological Tissues: A fresh method for reconstructing earlier human and animal diet and mobility. Stable isotope dietary analysis of the particular Tianyuan 1 early modern day human.

P., Votre Cabec, A., Welker, Farrenheit., Rendu, W., Hublin, M. -J., Soressi, M., and Talamo, S. Response in order to Garcia and Dunn: No evidence that maximum basic frequency reflects selection regarding signal diminution in bonobos. Three-dimensional geometric morphometric evaluation of the first metacarpal distal articular surface within humans, great apes in addition to fossil hominins. Dental macrowear and cortical bone supply of the Neanderthal mandible from Regourdou (Dordogne, Sw France). Fewlass, H., Chumbera, T., Fagault, Y., Hublin, J. -J., Kromer, M., Bard, E., & Talamo, S.

Transhumance pastoralism associated with Roccapelago (Modena, Italy) early-modern individuals: Inferences from Sr isotopes of hair strands. A novel experimental design for the measurement of metacarpal bone loading and deformation and fingertip force. Heating mollusc shells – A new radiocarbon and microstructure viewpoint from archaeological shells reclaimed from Kalba, Sharjah Emirate, UAE.

prof. dr. gerd wassenberg

Fast or feast: reconstructing diet in later ancient England by stable isotope analysis. Spatial relationships, going out with and taphonomy of the particular human bone from typically the Mesolithic site of Cnoc Coig, Oronsay, Argyll, Ireland. Forensic ⁴⁰AR/³⁹Ar dating: a new provenance study of Midsection Stone Age obsidian artifacts from Ethiopia. Mollusk in addition to tortoise size as unblock proxies for stone age populace density in South Africa: Implications for that evolution regarding human cultural capacity.

), The Lower plus Middle Palaeolithic in the particular Middle East and Adjoining Regions (pp. Application of sulphur isotope ratios in order to examine weaning patterns plus freshwater fish consumption in Roman Oxfordshire, UK. Top Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer subsistence in Mediterranean coastal environments: an isotopic study of typically the diets of the earliest directly-dated humans from Sicily.

T., Wei, D., Shi, L., Zhang, X., Hu, Y., & Richards, Michael. T., Sun, W., Hu, S., Chen, L., Hu, Y., & Richards, Meters. Stable isotopic composition regarding fossil mammal teeth in addition to environmental change in south west South Africa during typically the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

Margherita, C., Oxilia, G., Barbi, V., Panetta, D., Hublin, J. -J., Lordkipanidze, D., Meshveliani, Capital t., Jakeli, N., Matskevich, Unces., Bar-Yosef, O., Belfer-Cohen, A new., Pinhasi, R., & Benazzi, S. Isotopic analysis associated with dietary patterns in north China from the Proto-Shang Period to the Qin Dynasty.

prof. dr. gerd wassenberg

The review of trabecular bone fragments functional adaptation: What have got we learned from trabecular analyses in extant hominoids and what can we all apply to fossils?. Zinc isotope ratios as indications of diet and trophic level in Arctic marine mammals.

Season of birth and sheep husbandry in late Both roman and Medieval coastal Flanders: A pilot study applying tooth enamel δ18O research. A reexamination of the Middle Paleolithic human remains from Riparo Tagliente, Italia.

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prof. dr. gerd wassenberg

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