Gerd Wildfang, made 1944 Gerd Wildfang

Her mommy, the dark brown light tobiano mare “Icona”, will be a little princess of the 1990 born dark-colored bright tobiano stallion “Icon”, similarly a kid of the Dutch stallion “Ico”. “Icon” will go at the mothersite back to the Hannoveraner stallion “Widerruf”, “Widerhall”, “Florentiner” as well as to the Trakehner stallion “Frohsinn”. It seemed to be in dressage till the groups E/M and E/A om australia victoriously, in St. George dressage it registered positionings and victories to Intermediare I .

At the stop of the year 2007 I saw a sales story of its breeder. Since I discovered my aspiration equine “It´s Nanook”, which completed even more than my anticipations, I determined to appear at me likewise at “It´s Apanatschy”. the first of all foal of my broodmare “It´s Nanook”.

gerd wildfang

Its grandpa “Sans Souci” originates also from Finnish particular breed and can present an amazing sporty unique share (among various other things 6th place in the individual playing with the Olympic Game titles 1972). Grandmother “Raiputani xx” will come off from the total blood stallion “Royal Avanue xx” and the mare “Seamenco xx”. For the following two years he worked well for Gerd Wildfang, one of the almost all flourishing showjumpers of the proper period, and had the option to move forward his training further more. By playing a cards sport he achieved Meredith and droped in love with her. Markus had been an staff by Dirk hafemeister in Schwagstorf.

“Silvana´s” mommy can be the Westfalian mare “Roxana”, whose pedigree moves back again on the “Radetzki”-son “Remus” and the Angloarabian gray stallion “Ramzes AA” from the total blood stallion “Rittersporn xx. Its mommy “Icona” arrives at the mothersite from the Rheinländer mare “Goldika”, a little princess of the Norwegian stallion “Gagne Beaucop” from “Uriel” and the brownish Rheinländer mare “Allfahrt” from the Hannoveraner “Abhang” child “Astronaut” and the Hannoveraner mare “Goldmark” from the “Gotthard” daughter “Goldlöwe”. From this high-carat collection (“Gotthard” experienced totally to 35 prosperous specifically in the getting sons) among different items as well the well-known getting mare “Goldika” (Gerd Wildfang) originates.

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His kids will be successful all over the planet – in leaping, dressage, hunting and eventing. Create a free household forest for yourself or for Gerd Wildfang and we’ll lookup for valuable latest information for you.

  • This stallion foal will be stunning, showes blood vessels, and steps incredibly nicely.
  • “Soraya D´s” mommy, “It´s Nanook”, arrives from the “Ico” daughter “Ilasso”, a dark bright tobiano stallion, which grew to become 1st and just multicolored HLP champ in Medingen at that moment against large uni-colored opposition and it had been flourishing possibly up to the large course in dressage.
  • My “It´s Nanook” can be all in all a equine, which helps make only pleasure merely, is definitely pretty simple to trip, adaptive, workwillingly and with an ingenious rolling gift idea endowed.
  • I can only confirm this from my own working experience.
  • This mare is definitely like likewise its mother “It´s Nanook” homozygous for tobiano.

Its mommy “Icona” will come on the mothersite from the Rheinländer mare “Goldika”, a little princess of the Finnish stallion “Gagne Beaucop” of “Uriel” and the darkish Rheinländer mare “Allfahrt” from the Hannoveraner “Abhang”-son “Astronaut” and the Hannoveraner mare “Goldmark” from the “Gotthard”-son “Goldlöwe”. From this high-carat stallion line (“Gotthard” observed totally to 35 checked, specifically prosperous in the jumping haven kids) among various other factors originates in addition the stage leaping mare “Goldika” (Gerd Wildfang). Its grandfather “Samber” (stallion place Smilda, Netherlands) goes again on the well-known total blood vessels stallion “Pericles xx”, the multicolored coloring it passed down of the large-caliber Dutch dark white tobiano mare “Tina D”.

“Icon” is recurring that it travels descendants on to its an exceptionally delicate sort of interaction with its driver. I can simply validate this from individual experience. My “It´s Nanook” will be all in all a equine, which tends to make simply only enjoyment, is definitely very simple to drive, adaptive, workwillingly and with an clever leaping present blessed. To call in this article among different things would end up being the high level stallion “Art Deco” (Silverwood farm building, Us, victoriously in dressage up to Grand Prix and also in S-jumping), the complete siblings “Samenco M” (stallion rail station Bachl, Bayern – put to M-jumping) and “Samenco Ok” (stallion rail station Tönig, Sachsen-Anhalt – marketed up to S-jumping and high-successfully in dressage assessments), “Sambuco B” (a colorful playing stallion in a planet formatting with extra than 10 inspected kids), “Sambertino” (victorious till S-dressage with sportily just simply as successful descendants), “Ed King Pile” (outstanding dressage stallion with excessive own info). In the Olympic procedures dressage, show eventing and jumping, the Hannoveraner has a record of results like scarcely any additional type.

The world-well-known dark-brown white tobiano stallion “Samber” was basically victorious both in bouncing and in dressage up to category S i9000/Intermediare I and had been a fable previously during lives. “Icon” is frequent, that all of its descendants goes over a sensitive sort of talking with its rider incredibly.

That´h why it will deliver assurances various colored foals with unicolored stallions as well. It entitled itself in that way to federalbreedinglook of the ZfdP and became here against the good colt opposition “Bundeschampioness 2008”. This mare can be like likewise its mommy “It´s Nanook” homozygous for tobiano.

On the mothersite “Icon” goes back on the Hannoveraner stallions “Widerhall”, “Widerruf” and “Florentiner” just as very well as on the Trakehner stallion “Frohsinn”. It has been in dressage up to the lessons Michael/W and N/A victoriously, he recorded positionings in St. Georg and victories up to Intermediare I also. “It´s Apanatschy” is almost certainly the sole little princess of the colored stallion “Iron”, a only among rolling cyclists confessed, excessive effectiveness and inspected “Ico”-son, which is definitely endorsed in the getting haven upward to the serious class of Annemieke Sloothak.

It get along as well with in-colored stallions guarantees various colored descendants. The 1991 delivered “Samenco K” (traveling secure Tönig, Haldensleben) had been promoted in the jumping haven up to the course S i9000 and can display furthermore victories and placements in dressage and adaptability exams (among other issues vice-national experts versatility mainly because properly as certification to the Bundeschampionat). It is certainly equipped a modern day, blood-coined stallion in a respectable optics evidently, with substantial figure prices just as nicely as a large motion and getting prospective – attributes, which it also without excepition goes over on at its descendants. was initially blessed to 21.04.2008 in Etgersleben. It can be the initial foal of my broodmare “It´s Nanook”.

“Soraya H´s” fahter is definitely the dark-brown tobiano stallion “Samenco K”. dark-colored light tobiano stallion “Icon”, furthermore a son of the Dutch leaping stallion “Ico”.

gerd wildfang

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