But of course, nuclear power also has its long-standing competitors. Dr. Gerd Leipold was appointed to the article of Executive Director in June 2001.

These are huge amounts regarding money but only a new fraction of what provides been committed to the bank bailouts. It is definitely no longer acceptable the particular issues be put aside due to cost. And inspire people to follow the continuing voyage of our own ship the particular Arctic Sunrise around Greenland with a crew that will includes world renowned glaciologists who will be doing groundbreaking technology to discover just how a great deal of an impact environment change is having on the region. Last 7 days on this program, all of us heard proponents of nuclear power pushing it as a response to the international warming caused by coal-burning power stations.

It is approximated that developed countries have to commit at least $140 billion public funds yearly make it possible for developing countries in order to speed up the switch to be able to clean technology, to rapidly reduce tropical forest devastation and to help bad communities adapt to inevitable climate change. The G20 meeting should boost the momentum for transition to be able to a low-carbon economy.

During a BASSE CONSOMMATION Hardtalk interview with Stephen Sackur, the executive movie director of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, admitted that a July news story which stated that “we are seeking at ice-free summers within the Arctic as soon as 2030” was a “mistake”. International’s nuclear disarmament campaign inside 1987. Between 1993 and 2001, Gerd Leipold was initially Director of GEM Companions Ltd, a London-based agency, where he advised a new number of leading NGOs on campaign and organisational development and communication.

One 3rd. Together with the same quantity of electricity, you are able to run three times as several refrigerators. The challenge all of us have is that the particular refrigerator, in the last 20 years also became bigger.

Who would think that the particular omission of the word “sea” in one sentence of a Greenpeace news story would kick off such an almighty commotion? Anyone who follows the climate change debate, which who. “Between 1993 plus 2001 Gerd Leipold has been Director of GEM Partners Ltd, a London-based agency company for strategy in addition to communication. Gerd advised a wide range of non-governmental organisations, among these people the International Committee of the Red Cross, Oxfam, Action Aid and Customers International, on campaign and organisational development and communication. He has had a long association with Greenpeace, i have worked for the company in various capacities regarding over 20 years. Within the 1980s he was Exec Director of Greenpeace Philippines, before running the international disarmament campaign from 1987-92.

Redfaced Greenpeace asserts ‘we didn’t make it up’ – we merely ’emotionalised the issue’ | James Delingpole

Stephen Sackur talks to Dr Gerd Leipold, the outgoing professional director of Greenpeace International, about confrontational campaigning. Right now in its 15th year, the particular BSR Annual Conference is usually the largest global collecting dedicated to corporate duty. This year’s theme, “Designing a Sustainable Future, inch will present three dozen sessions on a variety of CSR issues such as climate change plus the environment, sustainable design, emerging economies, governance, human being rights and more.

I’ll give an individual a simple example. Through a refrigerator nowadays, and also you compare it to the refrigerator 20 years back it uses one third of the electricity.

dr.gerd leipold

“We need to do what all of us can to provide help and support to provide some relief to these kinds of devastated areas. In this particular way, we hope in order to help the efforts to relieve a tragic situation, inches said Dr . Gerd Leipold, Executive Director of Greenpeace International. It’s partly echoed a debate overseas where environmentalists, like the originator of the Gaia theory, James Lovelock, have said that will nuclear power may end up being the only solution to the particular power and climate change crisis the world right now faces. The climate modification sceptics – and typically the blogs on which these people mass – have already been cock-a-hoop with unbridled happiness in the past few days with all the belief that they have snared the top One.

And that additional and more people own it. But, it just displays simply how much if we make use of the energy we now have currently much, much better, that in the rich nations around the world, we can even reduce vitality consumption, and still have got economic growth. And the… what is less applied in energy in the particular rich countries is after that available to protect the climate, is available for that developing countries who unquestionably will need more energy than they have now. If we think that these types of nuclear reactors were almost all over the world, just imagine Indonesia would become a country with the large use of elemental reactors.

Ipek Cem was recently inside Amsterdam to meet along with Gerd Leipold, Executive Director of Greenpeace International. They will discussed very pressing concerns, including climate change, elemental energy, deforestation and exactly what constitutes sound environmental policy. think there exists far also much discussion about indivisible power. It is not really necessary for the climate, plus all its dangers nevertheless continue to exist, and I think that applies to Chicken, at the same time. I mean, Chicken is a country that has to be ready for earthquakes.

dr.gerd leipold

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