esp bc i have always thought that the 1st sepultura was a weak record. “Just sick of the whole “the first album/demo/first show/rehearsal only I was at was their best work” thing. Just sick of the whole “the first album/demo/first show/rehearsal only I was at was their best work” thing. Because I mean, his preference is his preference whether we agree with it or not, but I can certainly understand getting annoyed by a broken (blue) record.

And there’s a song that’s going for some kind of OK Computer/Dark Side Of The Moon hybrid which is really cool. It’s classic 80s trad metal energy and enthusiasm played by total veterans, with heart, chops, and inspiration. j0hn I particularly think you should track down this Sledge Leather Project record Imagine Me Alive. Anyway, glad to hear some of you are actually liking the Baroness record. sS there any chance of sending them out with a younger/bigger band who cites them as favorites/influence?

It just might have been his last, and it’s pretty revealing. I’m trying to see if I can post the full unexpurgated interview I did in December at MSN. Best record out of the four 2012 releases I’ve heard thus far. I’m loving the new Woods of Ypres record, and it makes me angry that this is the last work we’ll have from David Gold.

But, hell, a digital copy is preferrable to getting fucked over on ordering a physical album through bandcamp. Yeah, it’s a really cool idea, although I’m still not to the point where I’m willing to shell out more than $10 for a digital copy of anything. I saw that Entombed is working on a new album and realized I never listened to Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments ( .

Although if there’s only one dose of a magic potion to rescue a once-soaring band from their own intentional self-induced ugliness, I’m going to vote for administering it to In This Moment, not Lacuna Coil. I just think they did it because they thought that’s what people wanted to hear. And thus became a tribute band to themselves, rather than an actual band. Listened to the Bullet record today, and I basically just wish that the singer was *slightly* less terrible.

Okay, I don’t know much about Semargl, but the combination of cover art (see below), title (Satanic Pop Metal), and the descriptions on RYM are really making me morbidly curious about their new album. Not a lot of metal bands attacking personal hygiene (lyrically, at least) as another kind of conformity. How much do you guys rate that Azareth album that crept into the 2011 metal countdown?

That, Sabaton, and DragonForce have been my most-played power metal albums of the year. Like every Krallice record, it takes a while to settle in, but this is another great one.

I definitely have a hard time accepting any redemptive junkie tale that ends so cleanly in a good place. I’m listening on bandcamp to the Arkhamin Kirjasto and the vocals suck but the band is hot shit. The first thing you need to now about Pinkish Black is that 50% of the band is Jon Teague, formerly of the sadly overlooked Yeti and more recently The Great Tyrant. There are still a couple crossover and post-hardcore acts they haven’t inducted yet, I’m sure they’ll get back to inducting actual heavy metal when they’re done with those. Yeah, Pinkish Black is looking like a top tenner for me right now.

As for the new album, I streamed it, and it sounds great like all their stuff. Converge were pretty great here on Friday night, I have to say.

High On Fire were pretty good, but it was a bit of a short set. The whole event was set up more for the distribution of the beer than for the music part, so I was in line for my Dark Lord Imperial Stout when Eyehategod played. Well, I only ended up being able to see High On Fire last night.

Tyler is getting around to that Spawn of Possession album, I was trying to get you guys to talk about it way back in February but no one was biting then. But can’t pretend I wouldn’t have preferred to enjoy them from, say, 9pm-11pm instead of 12am-2am on a Tuesday night. Gitter will be taking on A&R responsibilities that will encompass not merely his skills in identifying talent but all-around aspects of A&R including helping to identify talent, signing and record making. Was reading a Blabbermouth post about Suicide Silence and in the last paragraph it mentioned they’re looking for a new label.

Black Mountain would probably be the heaviest band I would send them out with at this point. Yeah, they need to not be booked on metal tours anymore. The new songs were super boring live, although that might have more to do with them just not really fitting on metal bills anymore. It’s like Baroness made an EP of some of the best stuff they’ve ever done and decided to stretch it out to album length at the last minute with power ballads and Decemberists cover versions. Yeah, those two songs are superb, sad she didn’t sing on the entire album.

The two songs with Christine Rhoades make me want them to do a whole album together. If you ever wanted to hear a Behemoth and Ke$ha collab album, this is the closest you’re gonna get. Would love to see them again so I hope they head south.

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