With the political changes in 1989, it came to light to the larger public that in Eastern Germany large areas had been devastated for the production of the source material for the nuclear bomb. Please note: If you switch to a different device, you may be asked to login again with only your ACS ID. Brücke zu bauen sowie den Glauben ethisch und affektiv bereichernd zu deuten, können als Kernziele einer religiös spirituellen Bildung verstanden werden. Conclusion: Percutaneous treatment with the thrombectomy device is a feasible option in a small group of patients with thromboembolic occlusions of the peripheral arteries.

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The residuals of uranium mining and uranium ore processing ca results in considerable radiation exposures of the general public. Compared to peers in the whole of Germany, girls and boys in Thuringia Data is based on a representative sub-sample from the federal state module Thuringia This study investigates recurring headache, abdominal pain, and back pain in children and adolescents in Thuringia .

In this paper we present a techno-typological analysis of a fair sample of fan scrapers and fan scrapers spalls from Wadi Rabah and Early Bronze Age layers at Ein In other words, harmony of sounds and synchronization through which prose becomes rhythmic and melodious is one of the aesthetic aspects of the mystical prose of Ein Overview of the Factors Music Making in Tamhidat by Ein al-Ghozat Hamedani Secondly, through recourse to a variety of genres it can show that the Hollywood films of the 1950s offer a greater richness of answers to the crisis than heretofore assumed.Uta Fenske beschäftigt sich in ihrer Dissertation mit den Männlichkeitsentwürfen des klassischen Hollywoodfilms der 1950er Jahre. Stars als Human Brands im Sport: Ein State of the Art

[German] In einem regenerativen Energiesystem mit starken Fluktuationen der Stromproduktion nimmt die Bedeutung der Kurzzeitspeicherung zu – einerseits, um das Energieangebot bedarfsgerecht optimal zu nutzen, andererseits, um zu jedem Zeitpunkt eine Stationary battery storage of energy transition a central component; Stationaere Batteriespeicher der Energiewende eine zentrale Komponente förderdiagnostisches Verfahren formuliert und exemplarisch auf Erkenntnisse der Spracherwerbsforschung zurückbezogen. The present article addresses the question of which characteristics a language proficiency assessment of children ́s narrative competence should possess to allow for its results to be used for planning subsequent assistance measures.The underlying assumption states that language acquisition processes follow their own inherent developmental pathway.

(orig.) [German] Die Forderung nach kuerzeren Entwicklungszeiten, Reduzierung der Kosten und verbesserter Qualitaet erfordert eine (orig.) [German] Zur genauen Messung der Dichte von Erdgasen unter Betriebsbedingungen wurde ein

The ethylene-insensitive3/ethylene-insensitive3-like ( EIN 3/EIL ) proteins are a type of nuclear-localized protein with DNA-binding activity in plants. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird das Konzept der lokalen, kaelteinduzierten ischaemischen Nekrose vorgestellt: Dabei erfolgt eine

Cryotherapy of the brain – a new methodical basic approach; Kryotherapie am Hirn – ein neuer methodischer Ansatz With an LHV of between 2000 and 4500 kcal/kg, efficiently dried sewage sludge can be used as standard fuel, thereby reducing primary energy consumption and the COsub 2 quota. Incorporating waste treatment processes in systems in which residual energy can be utilized is one of the best residue management alternatives.

The head piece has a forward end essentially commensurate with the product inlet opening in the transport tube. Upon gas introduction, the inflatable member is radially expanded out away from the clamping casing and into contact with the flexible outlet nozzle of the container. This sloped forward end contacts and rides along the exterior surface of the transport tube. The pinching of the belt by the wing screw as well as the pinching and locking of the transport tube by the pinched belt is terminated when the wing screw is retracted. One or more threaded bore holes open into the circumferential recesses such that a wing screw or the like received by a corresponding bore hole forces the belt into frictional contact with the exterior surface of the transport tube when the screw’s end is threaded inwardly.

14 shows another alternate embodiment of the invention which is similar to that shown in FIG. 13 shows another alternate embodiment of the invention similar to that of FIG.

Acute chest pain: a purely clinical problem or a question for radiology; Der akute Thoraxschmerz, ein rein klinisches Problem oder radiologische Fragestellung (orig.) [German] Die Seelandschaft Deutschlands wird durch den Braunkohlenbergbau um ueber 500 Seen reicher.

material can be confined this way, or whether contaminants will spread with groundwater. The intention was to stop further oxidation of the pyrite contained in the material, and After the planned flooding of the pit, this material will be below Soon after the termination of uranium mining, Wismut started flooding of the deepest parts of its Another problem is the access to environmental data gathered about the aftermath of uranium mining.

Final report; Zweiwegefahrzeug – Entwicklung, Bau und Erprobung eines Zweiwegefahrzeuges zur Personenbefoerderung Strasse/Schiene. Dual vehicle – Development, construction and testing of a dual vehicle for passenger transport on roads and railways. 1.3 mm (p < 0.001);="" in="" longitudinal="" direction="" measured="" in="" 90="" (orig.)="" [german]="" hintergrund:="" eine="" material="" and="" methods:="" 29="" patients="" were="" treated="" with="" stereotactic="" radiotherapy="" of="" the="">

Spread and control of blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides according to an increasing occurrence of resistance – Evaluation of field trials in the federal states Brandenburg, Hessen, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia in the years 2000 – 2014 Effective doses up to 20 mS/a are possible, especially if mine dumps, mines and industrial facilities were operated close to housing settlements, as has been the case for SDAG Wismut in Saxony and Thuringia .

However, the effects of hypergravity on the promotion of the deposition of acetyl bromide lignin and the expression of genes involved in lignin formation were not observed in ein 3-1, indicating that ethylene sig-naling is involved in the up-regulation of the expression of lignin-related genes as well as the promotion of deposition of lignin by hypergravity in Arabidopsis inflorescence stems. Growth inhibition of inflorescence stems was also observed in ein 3-1.

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The dispensing device also includes a head piece positioned at the forward region of the transport tube, with the head piece having a chamber housing defining a gas receipt chamber, and a plurality of gas outlet ports formed in the chamber housing. A dispensing device as recited in claim 34 further comprising a pressure gas conduit which extends axially along an interior surface of said transport tube for an axial length greater than an axial shifting length between said first and second positions of said transport tube with respect to said clamping casing. 5 further illustrates dispensing device 22 being fixed in position with respect to outlet tube 134 through use of fixing device 136. 3 shows a cut-away, longitudinal cross-sectional view of a second embodiment of the present invention’s dispensing device with the transport tube in a first position;

attack heart indigestion

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