During the procedure, a mixture of brewed, caffeinated coffee and water is inserted into the colon through the rectum. You ask why a coffee enema. Coffee has a chemical compound in it that has been shown to actually stimulate the liver to reduce toxicity out of the liver, so if you have a congested liver, a coffee enema’s going to be your best friend.

(It’s now 2.4 mg/liter less than it was two years ago — a far greater change than diet alone would be capable of making.) On the alternating weeks, I take a pair of coffee retention enemas as a liver cleanse and intercept the bile output with a dose of cholestyramine (a prescribed cholesterol med). My serum cholesterol is lower then it’s been in the last ten years. During your first few enemas, you may experience some nausea during or after the process. This is often due to the release of internal stagnant, putrefied toxins. Do no let this deter you from continuing with a series of coffee enemas.

Colon receptors, which provide signals for bowel movements, can become desensitized, leading to issues with bowel movements. Frequent use of enemas can also dehydrate the body, as the colon expels all or much of its contents following an enema. 2 – The other thing i have is the reflux issue, except never any burning or pain in my throat. After a meal if i bend down or burp, etc. i will feel food coming back up my throat and sometimes wind up with throw up in my mouth.

I’m rather new to them and the last one really sparked a bad reaction. I felt very anxious, jittery, and allergic reactions flared up which triggered my asthma, I couldn’t sleep all night.

All the rest of the nutrients go into your portal system and then go to the liver, not to the general bloodstream. So the nutrients are processed by your liver before entering the bloodstream.

I can so relate to your excitement about coffee enemas. I’ve been doing them for 3 years now and they’ve been key to my detox and healing journey from biotoxin illness.

A coffee enema may be performed at home or, for a hefty price tag, in some holistic health clinics. There aren’t any official guidelines on how to perform a coffee enema. Coffee enemas may be a problem if you’re sensitive to caffeine or if you take medications that interact with caffeine. More importantly, just research it.


Bile is normally reabsorbed up to 9 or 10 times before working its way out the intestines in feces. The enzyme enhancing ability of the coffee enema is unique among choleretics. Because it does not allow as much reabsorption of toxic bile by the liver across the gut wall, it is a means of detoxifying the bloodstream through existing enzyme systems in the liver and small bowel. I would agree with you that coffee enemas may have damaged my intestine by releasing bile in an unnatural way, kind of like having diarrhoea for 9yrs, coffee sits in the colon and via the portal vein reaches the liver and stimulates bile to be expelled, the enemas create a kind of vacuum when expelled and this may suck out bacteria from the small intestine, coffee also passes through the colon into the body I heard via small capillary or veins, increase Glutathione as well, Im not sure if bile is sent into the colon via portal vein or hepatic vein OR the normal route and into the small intestine, either way the small intestine is being affected, many times after an enemas I’d need a warm milk because my duodenum area was aching.

Proponents of coffee enemas often name increased glutathione production as a key factor in the treatment’s supposedly detoxifying effects. What is known for sure, is that coffee enemas are potentially dangerous. The decision to have a coffee enema or not is a personal choice best made between you and your doctor. Mainstream medicine doesn’t advocate the use of coffee enemas.

It is done by introducing liquids into the rectum to induce bowel movement, cleanse the colon or treat colon disease. Since GERD is caused by a clogged colon, this is the most natural way to cure this disease and many other ailments. As they say, death begins in the colon. And daily Enema has been known to cure cancer, AIDS or any serious progressive disease. Guess im not being clear enough, this is a part of a week long program of detox at wellness resort, I’m just adding the coffee enemas myself on top of the treatments here ….

And saliva DOES NOT reflect blood pH nor pH of tissues throughout the body. That is just another myth that keeps getting perpetuated by people who are completely ignorant of medicine and human health.

By the way, it’s not irrelevant to say that doctors don’t claim that coffee crashes the adrenals because they don’t believe in it. Didn’t you get my point? My point is that they are trying very hard to find dangers of coffee enemas, and they are having a hard time doing so. The other point is that they don’t recognize real medical problems if they don’t fit into a certain paradigm. You asked for people to post studies, and I posted a study which claims that coffee taken rectally does not have the same caffeine effects as coffee taken orally, but if you don’t take that study seriously then there’s nothing more I can say.

coffee enema acid reflux

I started daily coffee enemas 1 week ago and truly feel it’s having a positive impact. Thank you.

Using the same bogus reasoning the coffee enema supporters give to claim the caffeine does not adversely effect the body this same thing should have held true for the other drugs given rectally. If the liver metabolism destroying the caffeine claim was true then the same should have held true for the other drugs, which would have rendered them useless, which they were not.

Coffee Enemas for a Healthier Gut & Happier Hormones

By cleaning the colon of yeasts, parasites and other pathogenic organisms, and by increasing the bile flow, coffee enemas can reduce autointoxication. According to the Gerson Method, coffee enemas work via the following mechanisms. First, the cafestol palmitate in coffee promotes activity of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione S-transferase, which detoxifies the products of tumor cell metabolism.

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