for the past week or so, she’s been spitting up/drinking less milk, and sometimes pukes up her milk (she’s been on the same formula for 7 months, never a problem). I called pediatrician, and she said reason she’s now feeding less and/or spitting up/throwing up (only like once a day though), is probably because her system/poop is backed up and therefore she has less space in her tummy. I’m not sure I’d agree that one BM every 10 days for an EBF baby is entirely healthy… that circumstance in itself raises the question as to what set the stage for difficulty with solids and reflux. As always, consider if any recent triggers are in the mix like vaccinations, illnesses, or antibiotic exposures. Tell your pediatrician you’d like some other options if you don’t want to go to the reflux medicine.

But I have found it to be very helpful in identifying if there is an infectious trigger in the gut for this problem. It checks for helpful bacteria in the baby’s gut as well as some others that can trigger blood in stool or weaker digestion. The results can guide choices about probiotics or if a medication is needed to support the baby. Next – It’s my opinion the US should follow the example of other countries who wait longer to vaccinate infants, and who don’t give vaccines to pregnant women.

Lactase is the enzyme our bodies need to produce to break down the lactose in milk and dairy products into the simple sugars (monosaccharides) glucose and galactose. These can then be absorbed as part of the normal digestive process. Otherwise after setting up some good sleep habits, and allowing your baby to learn to settle themselves, most sleep problems are erased within days if not weeks depending on the sort of route you choose to follow (cry/no-cry approach).

Natural approaches & remedies that may help with Colic

I’ve read a lot of stuff online but I wanted to write a short blog as I know my website comes up with good google seo search and infomation so here’s my story about colic, reflux, small babies and challenging times, exhausting nights and so on. If you are like myself with limited family support around, it’s helpful to read some accurate helpful advice and it’s the internet which has proven more useful than my local GP. The Babocush has been used by many parents with babies suffering from colic and reflux, with amazing results – just take a look at this video showing how quickly your baby could settle on their new Babocush. Research has found that a temporary sensitivity to lactose is an important factor for many babies with colic.

Infant Gaviscon is an example of this. Other medications may help to lower the acid production in the stomach and to speed up food passage through the stomach.

I assumed her reflux was cured and I’d just got a baby that always cried. Acid-blockers can be prescribed to ease reflux pain.

My baby does not sleep perfectly! It’s probably one of the most frustrating things to admit when your sole job is getting babies to sleep well – but it is true. See the thing is, in my workshops and with private clients, I will always tell parents that you can always get a baby to sleep well both in the day time and throughout the night, with a little bit of hard work and determination from you as a parent and a little bit of help and support from myself. You see, my first child, Caitlyn, now three, had suffered terribly with silent reflux. From two weeks old, she screamed constantly and never slept.

he developed diarrhea, i satred givin mix feed with frisolac normal, constipation again started to show. Now he is back on comfort formula but still constipated or thats what i think. he pushes and grunts and become red faced but doesnt poop. and when the poops come out after my help through enemas / stimulation they have pellet like first part then normal soft poop followed by watery like poop. what should I do now.

  • I did this and some custard another time and spat the whole thing up.
  • It’s also believed that a colicky baby may be reacting to gas, acid reflux, or a food allergy, though research on this is not conclusive.
  • And as I always say, if any recent vaccinations or antibiotics, these also have potential to disrupt the baby’s digestion, so let your doctor know if you noticed a change after either of these.
  • I don’t know what to do at this point she cries and cries and will finally calm down and falls asleep.

He has a bright red screwed up face with crying and constantly has his knees pulled up and arms flapping about. If he does clear his wind by a good few burps and farts of filling his nappy his body goes really loose (ie not stiff) and he stretches out. He’s only started the bad vomiting in the past week or so which has coincided with upping the infacol so I think it is colic. She said we have 2 issues, colic and reflux.

If skin changes are also active (thick cradle cap, eczema that comes and goes) then this may well be a milk protein intolerance – but it is likely also a gut biome issue (as any food intolerance or allergy often is; it starts at the gut). You can find out by running a functional stool test, and this is something I can do if you make an appointment. And if any vaccines, reflux medicines, or antibiotics are in the history (during pregnancy, delivery, or since birth) then these can also weaken digestion and trigger inflammatory symptoms as you’ve described here, by changing the baby’s gut biome and by introducing toxins that he possibly hasn’t cleared.

Her spit up also came very thick and mucus-like. We started mixing her formula half Alimentum and half Similac for spit up. She was happy again and feeling relief and back to talking and thriving like she was when she first started alimentum.

Wind & reflux remedies

Your baby will be healthier, and will grow and feel better , when digestion can evolve normally rather than with the digestive down-regulation from the medication strategy. awful to see. She also struggled to keep any milk down as soon as she was winded it was projectiled back up. She was put on POWDER gaviscon to thicken her milk which helped she still had it as I said until about 6/7 months but she was more settled with the thickened milk. She was always a windy baby and even now – at just short of turning 4 – she still struggles with trapped wind and tummy gripes.

See my blog on why reflux medicine is a downward spiral for babies here, and what to do instead. Most pediatricians only know to prescribe these medicines and don’t offer other tools.

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Without it, they fail to grow and thrive quickly. There are specialized formulas with predigested lactose in them, or other carbohydrate sources, that you can ask your doctor to recommend for you. If your baby turns around quickly with this, then you’ve hit the nail on the head.

does colief make acid reflux worse

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