Since cooking partly destroys the ability of garlic to produce allicin, you have to eat garlic raw to get most of its benefits. But by cutting open a garlic clove and letting it sit for several minutes before cooking it, you can still get many of its benefits. In addition, many of the studies that showed a beneficial effect used garlic supplements that you’ll find in pharmacies and health food stores.

I know I have a long way to go to let my body heal from the damage, but so far it hasn’t been so bad to say goodbye to gluten. I think I was subconsciously avoiding foods because they caused so much pain anyways.

It’s weird. It’s like I can feel it running around my body in the blood and seeping through my skin.

bloated belly. And while we all know the common culprits that lead to bloating – sparkling beverages, which release bloat-inducing carbon dioxide, and salty foods, which make you retain water.

The fat and grease means that your stomach has to produce more acid to deal with them so when you’re prone to heartburn it makes its way back up again. On the subject of eating out – from my experience those all-you-can-eat buffets or a pub carvery are best avoided. Large plates, a huge choice, fat laden and carb heavy foods, all contribute to bloating and heartburn symptoms. Eating too much, or too much of a particular food type such as fat or sugar, means your stomach and digestion will struggle to cope, giving you nausea, bloating and heartburn. Portion size seems to be an issue these days – with fast food outlets in every town and city.

I had a horrible time while trying to get the infection cleared (a month of very strong antibiotics) and I put the digestive issues down to that but even when I went off the antibiotics, I didn’t get any better. Finally, a friend with a lot of food allergies and a gluten sensitivity told me to get tested because these symptoms were familiar to her. 12 years of horrible stomach problems, so bad in the evening if I wasn’t right against my wife putting pressure on my midsection I simply could not sleep. The Acid Reflux was simply unbearable some days.

Had been scoped, given every medication they had, it helped some. Finally one evening at dinner we were discussing a friend who was diagnosed with Celiacs, my wife suggested going gluten free, and seeing what happens, A week later NO PAIN, had lost nearly 15 pounds, felt terrific.

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Avoid spicy additives to your food such as sriracha or red pepper flakes. People with heartburn often don’t do well with garlic. This one is difficult to avoid, since garlic is present in so many recipes and used in nearly all popular restaurant foods. Instead of attempting to cut it out of your diet, reduce the amount of garlic you use while cooking.

The kind of damage you have will take months to drastically heal, but believe in all the stories you are reading that it does make a difference and you must make your health a priority. You are not burdening those you love with expressing how you feel – they want you to be well, I’m sure. Sounds like you have had a lot of emotional toll from the undiagnosed Celiac, so that too will take time to lift. So give yourself a break, and know that you are on the road to true health. Our time from recognizing that something was horribly wrong (the excessive water intake / rejection of food was our tipping point) to diagnosis was around three months.

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